All money donated in Brussels Beer Garden will go to the Hubei Children Affected By Aids/HIV Education Fund (also known as the Brussels’ AIDS Charity).

This education fund was founded by David Wilmots, a former AIDS-prevention worker and owner of Belgian restaurant/beer garden “Cafe Brussels”, and his project partner Prof. Gui Xi’en, Chief Physician, Department of Infectious Diseases, ZhongNan Hospital.

Hubei reports there are about 850 AIDS orphans, including 80 who are studying in senior high school or college. The Chinese government provides up to the age of 14 years (Gao Zhong) of free education for them but after this, the orphans are on their own.

The Hubei Children Affected by Aids/HIV Education Fund helps these orphans by providing opportunities for them to continue and graduate from their schools by providing tuition assistance to those who are in need.